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Q: Can I continue to work on my project after registration/uploading to your site?
A: Yes.
Q: I had already participated in Infomatrix in previous years. Can I participate again?
A: You can participate as many times as you like as long as you are a high school lower grade student.
Q: I had participated in Infomatrix in previous years with a project. Can I participate again with the same project?
A: No. You can only participate if there is a major change in your project.
Q: I am from outside Romania. Can I bring somebody along with me?
A: We don’t provide any assistance in such issues such as visa application, accommodation, meals etc.
Q: I live in a country where there is already an Infomatrix partner/affiliate that organises a contest. Can I bypass that contest and register on your website?
A: Absolutely no. We have special agreements with our partners/affiliates and we will accept only verified projects from them. Any third party application from these countries will be rejected.
Q: I have registered my project. However, due to some reasons, I will not be able to attend Infomatrix. Can somebody else take my place?
A: Another person can represent your project in Infomatrix, only if it is the same project used in the registration process. You cannot, however, replace your place with another project. Ask your supervisor to make necessary name changes before the registration date ends. If registration date has already ended, then you should contact us at info@infomatrix.ro thirty days prior to the finals displayed on our website.
Q: How many people can work on a single project?
A: As many as you like. However, only maximum two of these can participate in Infomatrix to represent your project.
Q: Can I participate with more than one project?
A: No. You have to register with only one project (including Robotics), otherwise you will be rejected.
Q: I have a partner from another school/country and we work on the same project. How should we register?
A: You should register your project from either your school/supervisor or your partner’s school/supervisor.
Q: Do you provide us with a printer?
A: We can help you with A4 size color prints only in small quantities.
Q: What about copyright issues?
A: We never claim any copyright on your work throughout the entire competition. We may only use pictures and video to help us promote our event.